About Melanee

Melanee, formerly named Melanie, is a workbench for creating domain-specific languages which occupy an arbitrary number of ontological levels. It ships with a default general-purpose notation which is designed with the UML and Entity-Relationship diagrams in mind. This language allows to express domains in spanning multiple classification levels in an intuitive and consistent way without introducing complexity through constructs like Stereotypes, Powertypes or Object Specifications. This notation can be enriched by user-defined domain-specific notations. Currently textual and graphical domain-specific languages are supported. Melanee builds on the Eclipse 4 Platform and the Eclipse Project. Thus, it is extensible through industry standard technologies.

Melanee Components

Melanee is split into multiple components. These are listed in the following:

  • Melanee-core The foundation of the deep-modeling environment. Provides Meta-model, GMF Editor, Emendation Service, Proximity Indication Service, Visualization Definition Editor, Autolayout
  • Melanee-graphdsl Graphical domain-specific language capabilities of Melanee. Allows to model graphical domain-specific language notations and use these embedded into the default melanee graphical editor.
  • Melanee-textdsl Textual domain-specific language editing capabilities of Melanee. Allows to define textual languages on a multi-level model which can then be used in a projection textual editor.
  • Melanee-formdsl Form-based domain-specific language editing capabilities of Melanee. Allows to define forms wich can be used to edit deep models. Gives a look and feel of desktop applications to deep model editing.
  • Melanee-tabledsl Table based domain-specific language editing capabilities of Melanee. Allows to edit deep-models in a spreadsheet like look and feel.
  • Melanee-ocl An OCL dialect to query deep models using the deep OCL console in Eclipse. This implementation is also used in domain-specific languages for conditions of aspects, calculation of label text and visualizations depending on values in a deep-model.
  • Melanee-atl An adapter for the ATL transformation language. This adapter allows to interchange data between EMF based tools and Melanee. Also transformations between Melanee models are supported.
  • Melanee-reasoning Ontology like reasoning capabilities for Melanee.